How To Choose A Real Estate Agent?

Choosing the right agent is a crucial aspect of selling your property. So as to sort the good from the bad (as there is good and bad in every industry), it is very important to do some prior research before designating an agent to sell your property.

After you've shortlisted some potential agents, it is essential to meet up with them individually to talk about the potential sale of your property.

Points to ask when interviewing an agent:

1. Are you a licensed real estate agent?
It is important to make sure that any potential agency that you will appoint is licensed by the applicable state authority to practice property

2. How long have you worked in this industry?
Determine what level of expertise they have in real-estate.

3. What is your success rate?
How successful have they been in past sales? Did they habitually meet the price or were their properties withdrawn/sold for a bit less than predicted?

4. Am I Able To contact some of your recent clients?
This is to help you get feedback from past clients and work out what level of service the clients felt they were provided.

5. How many listings have you got at the moment?
Is this agent representing many other folk, thus being credible and successful? Will the quantity of folk the agent represents obstruct their ability to provide you with exceptional service if they're busy with other clients?

6. How does one plan to pump my property?
What marketing strategy will the agent adopt to push your property? What can they provide for me that their competitors can't? How frequently will they advertise?

7. What process do you use to find potential purchasers?
Do they have a database of current buyers searching for a property similar to yours? If not, what techniques will they use to find new possible purchasers?

8. How many sales execs does the office have?
Will this agent have sufficient support and backup in order to manage this sale? If they're unavailable, will they have someone that is also qualified that will be in a position to step in?

9. How frequently will you provide me with feedback?
When will they get in touch with you to provide progress updates?

10. How am I able to reach you?
Is the agent easily reached to you via mobile as well as e-mail?

11. What are the T&Cs that I am going to be bound to?
Steel yourself and know precisely what is predicted of you and the agent. Ensure you understand the T&Cs of the agreements before signing, and particularly what conditions are in place if you'd like to finish the accord with your agent.

12. What are your fees?
How much do they charge for their services? Ask for an in-depth breakdown of costs to ensure there are no hidden fees. Compare their charges with their competitors.

13. If the house does not sell, will I attract any charges?
It's really important to determine if charges are owing upon the successful sale of your property or if you'll encounter costs with no regard for the result.

Sue Robbins is a mortgage expert who works in a property agency. She contributes articles on property & investing to a Melbourne Directory.

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