The Home Buying Tax Credit Can Benefit New Home Buyers

The home buying tax credit is a federal government initiative to promote home sales by giving a subsidy to home buyers, especially individuals who are purchasing homes for the first time. The subsidy designated by the government induces purchasers to legally acquire homes for the incentive of enjoying tax credits. The real estate market as a result rushes to help prospective buyers in acquiring this tax credit. This results in an active real estate market, which is a vital part of stimulating the economy.

For prioritizing the recipients of this home buying tax credit, brand new home purchasers are given preference for the subsidy. Credits not to exceed $8,000 are offered by the government based upon the selling price of the house, which is generally 10% of the selling price. The credited amount is in addition refundable. If the taxpayer who bought the home is eligible for a tax credit valued at $8,000 yet just has to offset taxes of $6,000, then a check worth $2000 is delivered to the buyer through the IRS.

Taxpayers who would like to make a claim have to additionally make certain that the purchased home will be their principal home for the first three years. This policy was enacted to be certain that property purchasers are actually needing the tax credit and are not simply taking advantage of the incentive for investment gains. Additionally they need to present proof that they’ve not owned a principal residence for three years before buying the house.

The latest modifications in the policies restrict the house purchaser from getting a house that costs over $800,000. The capping of the price of the house avoids possible lavish expenditures, and alternatively promotes the major objective of helping those who are in need the most. Home purchasers planning to buy the house from a lineal family member or his or her spouse’s lineal family member are also not qualified for the tax credit.

The economic downturn, on the other hand, motivated annual income restrictions positively by increasing the upper limit to $145,000 for individual filers. For married filers, this credit phases out between $225,000 and $245,000. These changes are seen to be much more generous compared to the comparable policy stipulated under the former law.

The home buying tax credit initiative was an efficient strategy attempted by the government to energize the economy. This law was expanded to be of benefit to more home buyers and to help keep the real estate market active and thus contributing to economic growth. The extended law even expanded in coverage by stating another priority for qualified repeat property buyers enabling them to take advantage of tax credits not to go over $6,500. The entire package is calculated to cost $11 billion.

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