10 Tips In Taking Photos To Sell Your House

I’m a Houston Realtor, but the guidance below is applicable to any person attempting to sell their house; Realtor, Investor or FSBO. Photos sell the house. Without great photographs you are making your job very difficult.

1. Don’t take a shot where 90% of the photo is street and sky, and the house is a dot in the background. Buyers would like to see the housenot the street!

2. Don’t take a vertical shot and post on sites that show only horizontal formats. It is squeezed down to a horizontal format. Those bath pictures with the ultra-wide toilet is the worst

3. You have a crappy photo? Re-shoot it! Drive back out again and take it at a better time. The house faces east? Duhhdon’t shoot the exterior late in day so the front is in shadows. Come back in the morning.

4. Your picture is taken from far away, and you can not tell which one of the several houses is for sale? There has to be a pit bull in one yard and you are scared to come any closer.

5. The first photo the viewer see is the hall? People are not buying the hall! Show the outside first! Take the time to position the photographs in a sensible order just like you were walking through the house.

6. A blurred picture? Throw that old camera away or learn to use it. Hold it against something to steady it if you have to. Sheesh this isn’t complicated folks.

7. Not enough photographs. Sometimes it can’t be helped. If the rooms are being utilized for storage and stacked to the ceiling, you can’t take the photograph. But that is the single reason! The more pictures the better!

8. The picture with the rubbish can on the porch? ! I know; your heals may get scuffed on the gravel if you’ve got to move it yourself. Do it!

9. Dark, grey day and features can’t be seen? Come back again!

10. My number one favorite of all dumb pictures is.the one that shows the interior of the automobile; the door frame or rearview mirror of car. The person failed to even get out of the auto to take picture! Stupid! At least slow down if you are going to do this, so it isn’t blurred.

Well. I feel better now. I’m a Houston Heights Realtor. I know that in old homes especially, If the photos of your house are hideous, you are destined to struggle. If they look spectacular, your house will sell much quickerr. Congratulations!

Rich Martin is a Realtor in some of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. Houston Heights homes for sale is his specialty. These early 1900′s homes are mainly Craftsman Homes.

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