Home Selling Advice From A Real Estate Investor

I always have houses for sale, and many times that means more than one home is for sale at any one time, because as an investor it seems like I’m always busy selling my house in one way or another. Whenever my phone rings I assume it’s probably a buyer asking about a house for sale, which makes me stay focused, and is producing success for me when I’m selling my house.

Since I never know who is on the line, I try to stay in the right frame of mind, never forgetting that I’m always selling my house. My point here is something I feel strongly about – I believe every seller needs to participate in order to sell a house these days. I am always motivated by the fact that I only need to find one buyer to sell my house, and I never know when or where I’ll meet that buyer. It could be in a restaurant as I’m having lunch, or at the gym when I’m working out. I just never know.

Anyone can achieve this success-oriented frame of mind, meaning sellers who list their houses with agents, or sellers who are marketing their homes by owner, by getting involved in the process of finding a buyer. I’ll admit it’s probably easier for me since investment real estate is my business, and I’ve been doing it for many years. But any seller can choose the same attitude I’m sharing in this article in order to get focused on finding a buyer when selling a house.

Finding the buyer has to happen first. No transaction can move along towards closing without a buyer. And it has to be a buyer who is qualified with the cash or able to borrow the money to close. Since nothing can happen a buyer is identified, get busy and make finding the buyer your priority, just as I do when I’m selling my house.

And please, one more thing, don’t be persuaded that you have no further responsibility regarding finding your buyer whenever you list with an agent. That may not happen of course, but if it does, just remember that nobody will have the level of determination and the personal motivation that you have to sell your house. Make sure to advertise and hold an open house if your agent is not available to do so on your behalf. I hope you have learned some things in this article, and that you are willing to do what I do when I’m selling my house.

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Consider The Costs Of Selling A Residence Before Setting Its Price

Whenever it’s time to sell your house you have to stop and consider the costs involved. In fact, you have to know the cost of selling a personal home in order to determine a practical asking price. Computing how much commission you’ll be paying an agent to list and sell your house, as well as the additional expenses will add up to the real cost of selling a house.

And if you are only calculating a real estate commission but leaving out other costs, you won’t arrive at the most accurate information. Actually, it’s nearly impossible to know the exact closing costs until you have the final selling price of the house and the scheduled date of closing. There are some expenses, property taxes and utilities for example, which change daily and must be prorated day-by-day. When you sell your home, don’t hesitate to ask your agent for a settlement statement so you can get a basic idea of all the additional costs you can expect at closing.

Real estate agents normally charge a certain percentage of the sales price to cover all their work marketing and closing a sale. While it’s true that the commission is very often the most significant cost of selling a house, it is certainly not the entire cost, and the total of all closing costs can take a big bite out of your equity at closing.

Legally, area agents are constrained from having any form of agreement that fixes a specific percentage of the sale price as a stated commission, but you’ll find that commissions are very consistent in most cities. Six percent is common in some areas and it may be seven percent of the selling price in other areas. However, most real estate markets are very competitive now, so some agents charge even smaller percentages for partial services, and some charge a flat fee.

Take a look at a standard HUD-1 Settlement Statement, a hard copy or online, so that you can see a list of typical seller’s expenses. You might even consider printing it out and discussing it with your agent or attorney. I assure you that taking the time to review a HUD-1 Settlement Statement will help you budget and plan for the cost of selling a house. You’ll see that the agent’s commission is just one of many items included as seller’s costs in a sale. This official settlement statement is required for every sale of residential property, but rather than waiting to see it the day before of the day of your closing, try to see the form ahead of time because it’s very useful for budgeting your expenses and costs on closing day.

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Are You Determined To Sell Your Home Fast?

This real estate market all across the country is a challenge for every seller. But more than others, perhaps, sellers who are in a hurry have a unique challenge. If you want to sell your home quick, then you can relate to what I’m saying, I’m sure. A quick sale means that a buyer and a seller found each other in a short period of time, and that is always a good thing when it happens.

To sell your home quick, you have to think quick. That of course is an easy way to remember what it takes to get a fast sale in the present market. You have to think about one main thing – Who is looking for my house right now? Rather than thinking that you need a lot of people to drive by and tour your home, hoping that one of them will eventually want it and make an offer on it, you need to remember than you only need one buyer. One person or one couple or one family, that’s all it takes for selling a house.

Once you absorb the reality just mentioned, that you only need to find one buyer, then the next step is to realize that the buyer you are looking for is the buyer who is looking for you. That’s right, it’s pretty simple when you really look at that clearly. You are not really in the business of convincing anyone to buy your home, meaning it’s not really a sales job at all. The reality is that nobody likes to be sold, but we all love to shop. We want to search and find exactly what we need and want, but we don’t want anyone interfering with our process of finding it.

Now that you have the two basic requirements firmly in mind when learning how to sell your house, I suggest that you have a seat and get out a notebook and make some notes for yourself, to help you get on track and stay on track. Maybe your notebook is digital and maybe it’s pen and paper-style, but capture your thoughts to make a sale.

You’re going to be making a list of all the people you know who might know someone interested in a home in your neighborhood. If you don’t know their names, just list them by their title, such as hairdressers, auto mechanics, school teachers and pastors. These people can be great sources of information when you need to find a buyer for your home.

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Here Are The Techniques I Use To Sell A House Quick

Nobody likes pressure, but there are times when we have to get moving, whether we like it or not. The present real estate market is sluggish, to say the least, so the best way I know to get moving when I need to sell my home is to take on a lot of the project myself.

Selling a home is a project. Think of it like painting a home. You get all the equipment set up, mask off the windows and other areas where you do not want paint, and you start spraying, or you hire a crew to start spraying. My point is, you get set up and you do what needs to be done in a timely manner. Whenever I need to sell my home I get set up and do what needs to be done, too. And even if I hire a crew, a real estate brokerage company for example, I also participate in the project because that’s what it takes to get a home sold these days.

Nobody can pretend that things are normal during the time a home is being painted. It’s an event, and it affects everyone who lives in the home, whether they like it or not. Basically, selling a home works that way, too. Everyone who lives in the home is affected as far as keeping the home tidied up and ready to show, and that can be a big responsibility especially if there are small children and pets living in the home. Small children and pets can be a challenge when a home is being painted, and they can also be a challenge when a home is being sold. But when I need to sell my house fast I have to get everyone to cooperate as much as possible.

So, what do I mean when I call selling my home a project that involves everyone? I mean that it’s not simply a task I delegate to my real estate agent and then forget about, just waiting for a sale. I am writing this article because it’s been my observation that many sellers think that listing their homes with an agent is all they have to do. They just list it, keep it straightened up, and wait. That’s it, that’s all they do and all you need to do when you sell your home.

Well, I have learned over the years I’ve been buying and selling homes as an investor that whenever I need to sell my home I cannot expect anyone, not even my agent, to share my sense of urgency and my determination to make a sale soon. My point is – make sure you are in charge of the project when you need to sell your home, too.

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Tricks For Selling Residential Property In Today’s Economy

My next door neighbors kept asking me what to do if they had to go live with another family member. They are aging and a little bit afraid of caring for themselves in the future. They were basically wondering what they should do if they ever needed to sell their home quickly in order to move away. Well, I’ve lived in my personal residence quite a while now and these neighbors know I’m a real estate investor, and that I buy and sell homes for a living. They know I sometimes keep homes as rental properties, although I prefer to resell them again right away.

Of course, there are quite a few things about selling one’s personal residence that are the same as selling investment property, and then there are other, completely different things between the two. For a simple example, whenever we sell a home it means we have to move out. I know that sounds obvious, but it is probably the most significant difference between selling the home I live in compared to an investment home.

Whenever I sell a residential property that was purchased as an investment all I have to do at closing is sign papers and collect my check. At that point the property changes hands to the new homeowner and my responsibilities are over. My investment properties are usually vacant so I don’t have to pack and move any belongings, or put anything in storage. That is a whole lot easier than moving my belongings to a new residence whenever we sell a home quickly.

My neighbors have lived in their home for a long time, having raised their children in the home; so they have quite a bit of furniture to store or sell. Actually, I think that’s why they asked me for advice, because they just don’t want to be in an awkward position when they have to sell. They don’t want to have a buyer for their property but no place to move their belongings. Many people opt to stay in a motel or an apartment temporarily, but finding a place for their possessions is another matter.

What I told my neighbor may not be common knowledge, so it may be new information for you, too. I told them that to get bids from specialty movers, the ones that take photos of everything, then pack it all up, keeping careful records of every item in each room. They scan these records so they are available online for the homeowner, whenever belongings are needed anytime in the future. This is how we handle if we need to move quickly when we sell our home.

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How To Prepare For A Fast Home Sale

There are two different ways to get prepared to sell your house, and those two represent the mental and the physical preparations. Getting started with both parts of the process will help you move in the direction of making a successful sale. The physical preparation involves the house itself, meaning cleaning and fixing it up, de-cluttering repairing anything that’s broken. You just want your house to look its best. Preparing your house is the easy part, but the harder part is the mental work you need to do before putting your house on the market.

It may sound backwards to you, but rest assured that I know what I’m talking about, having been a real estate investor for over thirty years. It seems strange that the mental processes involved in selling a house can be so difficult, but it’s been my observation that they are simply intimidating to many sellers when trying to sell a house quickly. They were intimidating to me at first when I was trying to learn how to sell a house.

Moving out of a house is rated up right up in the top part of the list of very stressful life situations. I’ve seen it rated right up there with “death of a spouse.” When we are dealing with strong memories and emotions it can be far much more taxing than dealing with our belongings. And that is why I am saying that the mental process of selling a house is the hardest part.

Mental activities include making a lot of decisions. You will be deciding whether you prefer to sell for the highest possible price, or to get the quickest possible sale. I’ve noticed that both of these goals cannot usually be met. Although it is not completely impossible, it is simply unlikely. Most sellers know what they want ahead of time, but for some it’s not an easy decision. Looking carefully at your financial circumstances can help you simplify your decision. In some ways, the decision makes itself; when you know your real goal you will be confident about how you need to proceed in order to sell your house and accomplish your financial or time frame goal.

Right after you have made the first important decision, then you can move on to the next step which involves making another decision. This one requires you to determine how much marketing you plan to do on your own. What activities directed toward selling your house do you have time and energy to complete? Are you going to list with an agent or sell by owner? If you have internet skills, you can certainly put them to good use posting classified ads online. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions; you just have to determine your personal preferences in order to focus on getting prepared to sell your house.

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Important Information You Should Know When Selling Your Own Home

If you are one of the many sellers these days who is considering selling a house by owner, take time to think about the whole process before you begin. Of course it’s never a good idea to procrastinate and leave important decisions until the last minute, and that’s why I’m suggesting you start thinking about selling a house right now. It is really better not to rely on other people to lead you by the hand if you don’t know where you’re going, keeping your eyes on your goal.

OK, when trying to sell your own own home, the first decision you need to make involves whether or not to list your house for sale with a real estate agent. I’m not voting either way, but I do have a suggestion. You need to think about finding your buyer as a separate job, set apart from the other tasks involved in selling a house. The truth is, you are just as qualified as any real estate agent to find a buyer, and it doesn’t matter that you do not have professional skills or knowledge in real estate sales. Professional skills include negotiating, locating lenders for the buyer’s financing and closing the transaction when selling a house.

What I’m trying to say here is that you can certainly get involved in the marketing activities to find your buyer, and you can do so on your own, but then you should really consider hiring an agent to perform the professional services I described. It’s a rare situation when no price and terms negotiation takes place, and so that means the sales negotiation is one situation during which you will appreciate having an agent to help you. Treat the various parts of a real estate transaction like selecting from an a la carte menu, and make sure everyone knows what to do.

You shouldn’t run into any problems when you share your intentions because most agents have heard other sellers say they want to handle marketing activities by themselves. If you meet with resistance, then that’s not your agent. You’ll discover that it can be a good idea to calls a few agents and inquire how they each feel about sellers doing their own marketing, meaning talk to several agents before you select one.

Selling a house or property as a team can work out really well when everybody sticks to his or her job and the parts all fit together. Your agent may do some marketing activities, too, but your mutual understanding up front is your best key to success.

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You Can Sell Your House Without An Agent

In the present housing market there seems to be a trend to sell homes without an agent. Actually, I’ve been selling homes myself as a property investor for many years, but lately I’ve seen many homeowners selling their homes on their own. It would be good if all sellers had a plan of action set up in advance, but I wonder if most sellers have thought about the process at all, or if homeowners who sell homes without an agent have thought about everything they need to make a sale.

Of course when you need to sell a home, some sellers seem to simply luck out, and that’s just the way it goes. Other sellers are fortunate enough to have a neighbor interested in buying their home for family members to live nearby, and they get together and strike a deal, then follow up by having an attorney or a title company provide documents. This can work well for everyone concerned, and it’s certainly nice when it happens.

Sellers who opt to sell homes without an agent can expect some bumps in the road, for sure. Having bought and sold real estate for over three decades I can assure you that no sale is guaranteed to be quick and easy. Sellers with previous experience will confirm what I’m saying here, meaning that selling a home is quite a project, and it will usually take up a lot of time and energy for weeks or months.

Although nobody selling a house has a desire for the marketing phase to go on for months or years, many sellers have been waiting that long for a sale in the current marketplace. My goal in this article is for my readers to wake up and find a way to simply keep their home and live in it if at all possible. If not, they need to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into finding a buyer to sell their home now.

Different circumstances give some sellers little choice, and they have to sell their home at some point, even if the market is not ideal. In case your life circumstances cause you to sell now, then get all the information possible about how to sell homes without an agent to get prepared. There are many things you will need to know how to move through the transaction yourself, or to locate your own buyer even if you are going to use an agent to close the transaction.

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