Can One Really Sell Your Property On The Web?

By now I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been able to sell my home online. I have owned more than a dozen homes for sale at any one time, and that has been the situation for over three decades now. And since the internet became available over ten years ago I’ve found the majority of my home buyers online. I think the same is probably true of most real estate investors now, and for those whose career goes back before the internet it has been a game-changing innovation of great value. Whenever I sell a house online I think back to the days of newspaper ads and bulk mailings and I feel really fortunate.

So, sellers today have the same exciting opportunity I enjoy when I sell my home online. Whether you choose to list your home with an agent and also work at marketing it yourself alongside the efforts of your agent, or you simply intend to conduct all the marketing and closing activities on your own without an agent, you will benefit by using the internet yourself.

This idea is a little intimidating to some people, but I assure you that it’s not difficult. Posting classified ads online in order to attract attention to your home and get curious buyers to contact you by email and by phone is the best way to get a sale. Basically, it’s the same way real estate agents work when other agents make contact through the multiple listing service.

Potential buyers will be contacting your listing agent as well, but you’ll discover that there are a growing number of buyers who only want to work directly with the seller, not through an agent at all. I’m not suggesting that you would keep your own agent out of the loop of a developing real estate transaction, of course that would not be wise. But I’m saying you are very likely to locate a buyer when you position yourself to sell a home on the Internet.

More and more sellers are posting their own homes on craigslist and ebay classifieds in order to gain the maximum exposure on the market. Some buyers simply do not choose to work with real estate agents, and it’s up to you to make sure those buyers see your home posted for sale on classified websites. Your agent will take care of the multiple listing service, but you will need to take care of posting your home on other sites yourself. That is how I sell my home online, and it can work for you, too.

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Learn The Facts About Selling Your Home Without Employing A Broker Or Real Estate Agent

You probably already realize that there’s a lot more to selling your house on your own than putting up For Sale sign in your yard and putting a few ads in the paper. Licensed real estate agents have professional training in sales and in the legal aspects of property transfer, meaning those practices that protect the buyer and the seller through in order to close a sale transaction properly. The fact is, many issues can pop up in the closing process, issues that a trained real estate agent can help you solve.

Selling a house on your own is guaranteed to take up a lot of your time. Try to picture it as a second job and that way you will not get frustrated. When trying to sell a house, posting ads is a job, following up on the ads is a job, showing your home and holding open houses is a job. All these activities will comprise your part-time job while your home is for sale, and you will need to remember that eventually you’re going to get paid for this job, too, when you keep more of your proceeds at on closing day.

I’ve participated in thousands of closings myself and I’m here to tell you that stumbling blocks seem to show up on the way, and it happens quite often. When I say stumbling blocks I mean troublesome issues with property ownership for example, or surprise liens on the property that will have to be cleared up prior to closing. Also, buyer financing or lack of financing can become a real stumbling block, especially under current tough market conditions.

A big secret to selling a residence on your own is being able to recognize what you actually know and what you really do not know, because not understanding the difference can cost you in a big way. Make sure you have competent legal advice when you don’t know all there is to know about selling a house on your own, and rely on professionals to help you. That’s what I have done throughout my career as an investor, and it’s what I’m suggesting to you when you’re selling a house on your own.

Now you are ready to get busy writing classified ads to post online, scheduling your open house, and sending out some post cards to people in your neighborhood describing your house for sale. That list of typical marketing activities gives you a good idea of your responsibilities as your prepare to sell a house. Assure your own success by protecting yourself with the advice of experts in the process of selling your house.

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Consider These Tax Issues When You Sell A Property

It’s important to remember that when you sell a house that is not your primary residence there will be state and federal tax consequences of your sale. My purpose in writing this article is to provide a perspective for sellers who may not be familiar with issues separating the sale of investment property from the sale of a residence.

Whenever you sell a home that is your primary residence for tax purposes, there are unique tax consequences regarding your profit on the sale. The IRS publishes several pamphlets on the subject of selling your primary residence, and the same information is available online as well. I am simply listing some of the issues unique to the sale of investment property in this article to show how it’s treated differently.

Regardless of whether you are researching the topic online or in print publications, make sure you thoroughly understand the following: definition of a sale or trade, calculation of gain or loss, non-taxable trades, transactions between relatives, capital gains or losses, capital assets and non-capital assets, and holding periods. Because I have been investing in single-family houses for several decades, I’ve seen certain laws and IRS rules change many times.

Changes to Federal regulations regarding installment sales may have serious consequences for many real estate investors who buy houses and resell them on contract to the buyer. That means the buyers, who may be people living in the house paying rent, have decided to purchase the house by making payments directly to the seller. An installment sale is in which the seller receives monthly payments that include principal and interest. The buyers make their payments just like paying a mortgage company, but they are paying the seller instead. This arrangement can be financially beneficial to both the seller and the buyer.

However, Federal and state regulations can become a challenge and difficult to apply directly when the nature of your house has changed. Let’s say you lived in your house for several years and then leased it out instead of selling it when you moved into a new house. Your first house, although it started out as your primary residence for tax purposes, actually became an investment property when you began to collect lease payments. And that’s the same time your second house became your legal residence.

This situation has become somewhat common as a result of the housing crisis and the depressed economy. If you have moved out of your house and now you are leasing it, take the time to consult with a tax advisor or tax attorney. I’m sure that many of your questions will be beyond the expertise of tax shop employees, so don’t ask people who work at the shopping mall tax stores. We are discussing an important issue in real estate investment taxation, an issue that you do not want to overlook when you sell a house quickly or lease a house.

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My Best Pointers For Selling A Home Swiftly And For A Great Price

I am always concerned in selling my home from morning ’til night. That may seem funny, but I'm a real estate financier and always have homes for sale, generally more than one home at a time. So whenever my phone rings I go on and assume it's a consumer needing to ask me about my home for sale. That is how I stay in the right mind-set that provides success when I am selling my home. Like I said, I am ALWAYS selling my home irrespective of what else I am doing.

One reason I'm making a point of the indisputable fact that I'm always selling my home regardless of what else I am doing is often because I believe that's what each householder needs to do in order to sell a home in the present market. What keeps me motivated is the proven fact that I only need one buyer and I never know for certain when or where I’ll meet that buyer.

It might be in a diner while I am sitting there having a meal and someone stops by to talk to me. It might be when I'm at the gymnasium working out. I just never know, so that is the reason why I stay in the right mind-set and remember I'm always selling my home.

OK, perhaps it’s simpler for me since it’s my business and I have been doing it for over thirty years. But any householder can adopt the same attitude I have in order to stay sharp to the chance of finding a purchaser. Homeowners who are listing with property agents and those who are selling by owner can all get in the right mind-set to participate in the procedure of finding a consumer.

Let me be perfectly clear about this important point “finding a buyer is the first thing that must occur if you're going to have a successful transaction and close a sale. Nothing occurs until you or your agent finds a buyer. It may as well be you!

Put simply, do not believe for a second that you're off the hook just because you have listed your house with an agent. That is only the start of the process. After it’s on the multiple listing service in your local area you still need to ensure it shows up on other classified sites online and you are personally available to hold an open house if your agent isn't motivated to do so. Just remember this article about selling my home and you'll be inspired to do what it takes to sell your home, too.

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Why Is Your Home Spending Too Long On The Market In Today’s Marketplace?

It’s no secret that the main trick for how to sell a home fast is to price the home low enough to make it a good deal, and to make sure the right buyer finds out about the home for sale. This statement may sound like a no-brainer, but what I just shared as the winning combination is not always what happens in real life. In real life, the multiple listing service is filled with listings that reflect an aspirational market value, usually established with due consideration to comparable properties that have recently sold and are current for sale.

Meaning, if a house is listed on the MLS it means a real estate agent is handling the listing, and that agent had some input into the listing price. Many times homeowners will insist on a certain price, against the advice of an agent, but for this discussion I am not referring to that situation. Let’s stick to the subject of pricing homes with the goal of selling homes fast.

Relying strictly on the advice of an agent whose commission is dependent on the selling price has to be tempered with statistics gathered from the county assessor’s office. Homes that have sold recently will tell the story better than any commercial valuation website or anybody’s personal opinion, for that matter. I realize that sometimes we all decide to sell a home because we need or want to collect our equity at the time of sale. We just want our money more than we want our home.

But, even if that is the motivating factor for a home sale it still has to be priced to sell. Anybody who is trying to sell a house fast will tell you that pricing a home to sell is based on the particular type of buyer you are trying to attract. By this I mean that pricing a home to attract a homeowner, people who plan to live in the home as their residence is completely different than pricing a home to attract an investor. Investors buy property to lease to tenants or to resell for a profit, so they don’t usually pay as much as house owners.

However, investors may be prepared to pay cash and close quickly, so that’s something to consider when you are selling your own home – would you rather wait for the perfect homeowners to show up, the ones who love the home and are qualified for a mortgage to purchase it? Or would you rather get on the phone and call a few real estate investors to come over and make you an offer today? The choice is yours, and it is often the choice that makes the difference between selling homes fast or not.

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Tried And Dependable Ways To Sell A House Fast

One of my neighbors came up to me out in the yard one day and asked about the best way to sell a home. Turns out, he was thinking he had some interested purchasers, so he wondered what he could do if he and his other half found themselves having to sell and move out fast. Essentially, he was asking, “What should we do if we want to sell our house fast?” Now, I’ve lived in my neighborhood for a few years and all my neighbors know that I’m an estate investor. I have made a job of purchasing and selling houses, and I keep a few of them as rental homes, but often I resell them to make a profit.

There are definitely some things about selling your own personal residence that require the same marketing activities as selling a place that’s an investment property, but there are some things that are different. As an example, whenever my wife and I sell our own home it suggests we need to move out.

While that possibly seems pretty obvious, it is without a doubt the biggest difference between selling my residence and selling an investment property. I typically decide to sell houses that are empty so I haven’t got to address tenants who aren’t co-operative in showing the property, but with my personal residence I do not intend to move out till I’ve got a buyer. Every Time I choose to sell a home I bought as an investment there’s not too much I should do once I have got a consumer. At that point I just have to turn up for the closing, at which time the property changes possession and I don’t have any further responsibility.

The neighbors I discussed earlier have been living in their home for a couple decades and they have got a house filled with possessions. All of these items will need to be put in storage or moved to another location right away. This is what pushed the man to ask me for information. He doesn’t need to be surrounded in a position he does not know how to handle, meaning having his house sold with nowhere to go on moving day. Naturally, people can always get a room at a hotel for a while, but their truck full of belongings has to unload somewhere.

One time we were in that same situation because we sold our place and had to move out fast. It is a hectic situation that I’ve chosen to avoid ever since that experience. So , I told my neighbour that story and suggested that his ideal solution is to contract with speciality movers that look after everything, They arrive at your house, take pictures, pack up all everything and keep detailed records of each item, room-by-room.

Their records are scanned to a spreadsheet for the householders ‘ convenience. Everything is palletized, wrapped, labeled and stored in a special temperature controlled facility. I have toured a warehouse like the one I am describing and that was a wonder of organization. I gave my neighbour the web address and told him to consider that service so he can move out on schedule and still take his time searching for his new home.

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How To Find The Right Consumer For A Smooth House Sale In Today's Marketplace

You have finally made it to the final stage of purchasing or trying to sell a home. When you arrive for your closing it could be somewhat overwhelming. I have sat with several homeowners who were either purchasing or refinancing their home. The one thing I spotted all of them had in common was the initial shock in the quantity of paper work. I'll quickly go over the fundamentals of a closing so you'll know what can be expected. Knowing what you are walking into when you arrive will calm the nerves considerably. Your agent should also either be there or be a telephone call away to respond to any questions you could have.

To start what's a “closing”? In layman terms a closing is a set time you complete all of the paper work and contracts agreeing to buy or sell the property. Technically speaking the “closing” or settlement as it is referred in some places is defined as “the time at which the title to the property is transferred to the buyer and, often, a mortgage (or deed of trust) is given by the buyer/borrower to the lender.”

The closing will either be held at a title company or an attorney’s office. In brief, here is what occurs is before arriving to your appointment when making an attempt to sell a home. First the loan closer prepares and reviews all the legal paperwork involved in completing the mortgage lending transaction. Then you and most usually your agent will arrive at work to meet up with the loan closer.

(Some agents do not attend but it is a smart idea that you request their presence or at a minimum for them to be available by the phone for questions) Next, the loan closer will bring out a heap of paperwork (a good half inch thick) that she will roughly go over and request signatures. This is the reason why it is so crucial to have your agent there or a telephone call away for any questions that will arise.

Speaking of documents.. Although the number maybe overwhelming it is critical that you look closely at each one. As tempting as it could be to quickly sign each page and move on to the next. Do Not do that!! You need to pay special attention to the details in the documents. Verify all the spelling, names, addresses, amounts etc are all correct or they might be recorded with the court wrongly. If anything is incorrect be sure to advise the loan closer as fast as it’s noticed so they can correct it.

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Selling A Home: Get As Much Internet Exposure As Feasible

Through history there were better times than others to sell a home. Baby boomers in America did not experience the Great Depression of the 1930s, but our elders did, and some of us heard lots of stories that have helped us grow and make better decisions in our finance lives, even though we got raised in a wealthy US economy.

What we learned growing up is helping us to deal with the industrial circumstances we're all facing today. I do not mind saying that in the days before explosion of electronic and digital contraptions, folks did not have to possess so many things. Before the TV and the PC we didn't have so many choices and, candidly, we did not care. We were happy with what we had.

But now it is not unusual for a house to have 2 cars in the garage, at least two Televisions, several PCs, cellphones and pills. I know a pair who sit at their own desks working on their own computers pretty much every evening, speaking from one room to the subsequent about what they just studied on the internet. Yes, they met online, too!

My point is that folks are passing time online, lots of time. And that is where they are trying to find their new house. If you want to sell a place today then you've got to make sure that your house shows up online so that your potential purchasers find it right when and where they are looking for it. Imagine for a moment that you might position photos of your home on one of those aggravating popup ads we all hate. Would that be the best spot for a potential customer to see your house?

No, it would not. Buyers are looking on craigslist and other online classifieds, even if they're also working with real estate agents. They are spending masses of time online all alone, so that is where they have to find your house, right where they're searching. The strongest tool you have when you need to sell a place is your own PC. Use it and you will find a buyer.

Waiting for your agent to find you a consumer is not necessarily an excellent idea. You have got to be proactive and get your adverts out there yourself. An agent will come in useful when it is time to barter the sale and move the transaction through the closing process. That's where you agent actually earns his or her commission. If you are pleased to put in effort finding your customer you will be farther along the line when you wish to sell a house.

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