Is It Possible To Do A Short Sale With Multiple Mortgages On My Home?

My First Short Sale

Thank you for visiting us today; I’m Kevin Kauffman and this is Fred Weaver. We’re Group 46:10, one of the premiere short sale and real estate groups in the Phoenix area and also in throughout the nation. We have the experience and skill you need to help you avoid foreclosure and short sell your house. In the previous four years we have helped hundreds of homeowners out of a tough financial situation and we’re here to assist you, too.

Have you ever wondered if you can do a short sale if you have multiple liens on your property? We get asked this question quite often and the answer is yes. A huge majority of the short sales that we do have multiple mortgages on them. It’s a legitimate question to wonder if a second lender will even consent to a short sale, but the truth of the matter is that second lenders are not really in a good position. If they were to foreclose on the property, the first lender would get all the funds because the first lender, in a majority of cases, is not even getting paid off in a short sale or foreclosure.

What we recommend you do if you happen to be in this situation is talk to a practiced real estate team that has practice in short sales, such as Group 46:10, to talk with you more. We can help you determine what your home is worth and if that value is going to pay off the first lien. If it would, than you would only have to do a short sale on the second lien. More often than not, however, that second lender and the first lienholder are going to have to agree to a short sale. The good news is that the first lender will actually permit your second mortgage some money in the transaction, meaning you don’t have to bring any money to the closing.

If you want more information, please fill out the form on our website or give us a call. Group 46:10 can help you with all of your short sale needs, so please contact us today. We look forward to working with you on short selling your property.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Group 46:10 blog or you can also contact the Group 46:10 team and get started today.

Whether It Is A First Or Second Mortgage Our Team Have Worked With Citi Bank

Short Sale Shift

Hello everyone my name is Josh Pomerleau with Short Sale Shift, Minnesota’s premiere short sale crew, thank you for testing my weblog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Minneapolis area and blog daily from the short sale trenches to provide beneficial info to distressed property owners on their options for avoiding foreclosure. In case you are in search of even more data feel free to browse the over five hundred videos on my website to learn more concerning the short sale process.

For our weblog topic at present I wanted to discuss working with Citi Mortgage on a short sale file and a number of the experiences I’ve had. The first house I ever bought was with Citi Mortgage and there have been plenty of clients in Minnesota with Citi mortgages over the years. The entire Citi Mortgage files I’ve taken on have gone great and our group has closed lots in the past. The Citi short sales that we’ve got closed not too long ago have included a first and second mortgage both with Citi mortgage. This works out great for both the agent and the bank because it makes communication much easier on both short sale files. Although the second mortgage is owned by Citi Financial it falls under the same short sale guidelines during the short sale negotiation process. You probably have any questions on your Citi mortgage, or any other lender, please visit my website or contact me at this time to discuss your options. On my website you’ll discover a short sale specialist ready to answer any specific questions you’ve gotten due to our chat box positioned within the left hand corner. Thanks for checking out my weblog immediately and I look forward to hearing from you in the future at Minnesota’s premiere short sale team.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Short Sale Shift blog or you can also contact the Josh Pomerleau team and get started today.

What You Have To Know About Completing A Short Sale With Litton Loan Servicing

My First SHort Sale


Good day and welcome. My identify is Fred Weaver, and that is my business companion, Kevin Kauffman. We’re Group 46:10, and we’re Arizona’s leading short sale staff and we’re very pleased that you’ve joined us on our web site right here today.

At present we would like to discuss a short sale matter that we think is perhaps relevant to you. We need to specifically speak about short sales with Litton Loan Servicing. Litton shouldn’t be one of many big lenders. For example, they don’t seem to be Chase, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo, however they are a financial institution that we’ve handled a lot. As a group that’s closed over 400 short sales in the final 4 and a half years, we’ve had the chance to work with quite a lot of banks.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Litton greater than a handful of times, greater than a handful really, and we’ve been very successful with them. The final short sale we did, we developed relationships with the highest folks within the short sale division at Litton. We have great contacts, cellphone numbers and email addresses at Litton that will help you get your short sale closed.

When you’ve got any questions concerning the short sale process, please contact us today. Fill out the form right here on the web site along with your contact information. Permit Fred, myself, or considered one of our associates to provide you a call. You may at all times give us a call as well. We might love that can assist you and we’re looking forward to your telephone call. We’re Group 46:10, Arizona’s main short sale team. Thanks lots and we hope you’ve gotten a great day.

Short sale FAQs and more.

Get more information on selling your home from Kevin and Fred at My First Short Sale by the Short Sale Specialists of Arizona

How Can The Short Sale Decision Calculator Help You Make Decisions About Your Residence?

My First Short Sale


Good day and welcome, my identify is Fred Weaver and that is Kevin Kauffman. We’re Group 46:10, Arizona’s premiere short sale team. Thank you so much for joining us today on our video blog. We hope that you’re going to discover a number of details about the short sale process. We’re short sale experts, closing a whole bunch of short sales within the better Phoenix area. We’re happy as we speak to speak to you around a very exciting tool that we believe meets a huge want for homeowners.

It’s sort of a half instrument, and we really designed this with you in mind, the consumer. The first half lets you understand what your property is worth. It is laborious to know precisely how a lot it’s value at times, especially when the market is at all times fluctuating.

We have got what we call a calculator on our web site, there is a hyperlink right below. Step one is determining what your property is worth. The second step or second part of the calculator comes the choice part. This is the reason we call it the short sale resolution calculator. We have now some sections so that you can fill out comparable to what is your monthly mortgage fee, steadiness, and curiosity rate.

We can send you a report that says here is what your house is value, here’s how much money you pay each month, and if the market was to begin appreciating at this time, at 3, 5, or 7%, we provide you with three different choices, a slow, a standard and an aggressive appreciation. We can let you know how a lot your home is underwater and help you determine how lengthy it will take to your dwelling stability and home value to be back to equal.

Please permit us that can assist you out. Fill out the short sale decision calculator below. In case you have any questions in regards to the short sale process, please contact us today. We might love to talk with you about your home and if there’s something we are able to do to assist you, please allow us to know. We’re Arizona’s premiere short sale team. Thanks rather a lot and we’ll see you again soon.

Short sale FAQs and more.

Get more information on selling your home from Kevin and Fred at My First Short Sale by the Short Sale Specialists of Arizona

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