State Bond Down Payment Services Will Result In A Lien On The House

pickett street

Hello everyone Jesse Moore right here with Pickett Street Properties of Washington, where we are redefining real estate, thanks for taking the time to take a look at my weblog today. Our staff of short sale specialists are dedicated to helping Seattle area householders avoid foreclosure and I update my weblog frequently to offer information on all of your real estate options. If your mortgage is presently underwater, or if you’re already considering a short sale, please take a minute to browse my website or contact me directly to discuss your choices for avoiding foreclosure.

For my weblog at present I wanted to discuss a unique subject involving a short sale where a state bond was used for a down payment. In the state of Washington there are a number of completely different programs in place to help first time homebuyers with their down payment. These programs allow first time homebuyers to borrow as much as ten thousand {dollars} for a down payment on a property in Washington. Of course this cash shouldn’t be free and in the end creates a lien against the property till it’s paid off. Up to now, when properties normally went up in value, these bonds have been then paid off with the profit made when the house is sold. Given the down turn in the real estate market this is most likely not an possibility for many Washington homeowners.

If in case you have a state bond lien on your property and have to short sale you might not have to repay the complete amount. Numerous these mortgages are through Bank of America and I have plenty of expertise working with their team. So don’t be alarmed if in case you have a lien we are able to still get you a short sale approval. If in case you have any questions on this topic please reach out to our team for help today. Thanks for your time and I hope you could have an excellent day.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Pickett Street Properties blog or you can also contact Pickett Street and get started today.

Need Assistance Repairing Your Credit?

mark peek

Hi, I am Mark Peek here at Keller Williams Real Estate, certainly one of Roseville and Sacramento’s leading short sale specialists. At this time’s matter is credit repair after a short sale. Lots of people ask when they can fix their credit score, how long will it take, how is it going to impact them? It depends upon a lot of factors. I’ve seen individuals turn their credit score rating around quite a bit after only a year of closing the short sale. Nevertheless, there are some other options out there that most people aren’t conscious of. There are credit score repair firms that may probably take away delinquencies and even short sales from your credit score report with a bit of bit of work on your part and for a reasonably small fee.

So, the truth is this explicit agency that I am thinking of have been in a position to remove short sales and get folks back into probably buying one other home in as quickly as a year. So, if that appears like one thing of curiosity to you, that you could possibly probably short sell your own home and then come back and buy a 12 months later in worst case state of affairs you would have to wait three years if the credit score repair did not work at all. I will say that the success rate that I am hearing from this credit repair company is extremely high. The probabilities are significantly high that it is possible for you to to buy at at the moment’s dollar amount which is often nearly half price from the top of the market.

So if that is one thing that you simply may be inquisitive about, then it is advisable to give me a call. Hit the start right here button at the top, enter your information and I will be comfortable to speak to you about getting you back on track to today’s credit repair after a short sale. I’m Mark Peek with Keller Williams Real Estate, one of Roseville and Sacramento’s leading short sale specialists and I am here to help. Thank you.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Short Sale Specialist blog or you can also contact the Mark Peek team and get started today.

Stopping Foreclosure Could Be Harder In 2012


Welcome this is Jesse Moore and Dennis Pearce with Pickett Street Properties in the Seattle area. If you need assistance with short selling your house, we’re the team to call. we’ve the experience and skill that you deserve to successfully short sell your home. Something that we have recently covered is the foreclosure market in the area and its current state.

The interesting thing is that the foreclosure inventory is very low. Eighteen months ago there were hundreds of foreclosed homes listed every week and now there are usually only around thirty or forty properties every week. We would like to discuss how this low inventory affects the short sale process; we care about this as short sale agents because we’re usually hurrying to help our client avoid getting that notice of default. One thing you have to be aware of as a short sale agent is if the home has a foreclosure date, and if so, how can you get that date postponed.

One of the things that I want to discuss is that there are some individuals that have been in default for a very long time and have had their foreclosure dates delayed several times. The reality of this situation is that there have been new developments that might cause these postponements to go away. Recently the Attorney General of Washington state sued a company over a couple of different issues which caused Bank Of America to restart the foreclosure process on some homes. It has now been long enough that we’re seeing these properties come back to the auction block. This lawsuit, in conjunction with the government settlement against the country’s key banks, will probably cause more foreclosures to hit the auction block all at once because the processing of them was delayed.

If you’ve heard of people that have been in default for a lengthy amount of time, it is important to understand that it’s going to get easier to foreclose on a property and you do not have an infinite amount of time. If you would like to start the short sale process, please do not delay and contact us immediately. We can help you avoid losing your home to foreclosure and start on you the road to successfully short sell your home.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Pickett Street Properties blog or you can also contact Pickett Street and get started today.

Should You Contemplate Completing A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure As An Alternative Of A Short Sale

short sale shift

Hello everyone my name is Josh Pomerleau with Short Sale Shift, Minnesota’s premiere short sale crew, thank you for taking a minute to take a look at my weblog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty within the Minneapolis area and blog on daily basis from the short sale trenches tp present homeowners beneficial info on their choices for avoiding foreclosure. If my blog is helpful at this time, or if you already have short sale questions, take a minute to browse the over 600 videos on my web site or contact me directly to discuss your options.

For my blog topic as we speak I wished to discuss the choice of a deed in lieu of foreclosure and the way it compares to completing a short sale. A deed in lieu of foreclosure simply put is a voluntary foreclosure whereas a short sale is considered a settlement of debt owed. With reference to your credit score a deed in lieu will have practically the identical effect as a standard foreclosure. Whereas this may take years to repare we’ve seen clients complete short sales and nonetheless get accepted for auto loans only months later. Having talked with short sale attorneys additionally they agree that doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure could also be similar to doing an actual foreclosure. I encourage anyone who is behind on their payments to atleast sit down and speak to an expert about how a short sale will help them.

Voluntarily foreclosing on your property is the same as giving up and I wish to show you how to avoid the damage that can be done. You probably have questions about how a short sale works please go to my web site for extra info or contact me directly to set up a free consultation. Thanks in your time in the present day and I look forward to hearing from you soon at Minnesota’s premiere short sale team.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Short Sale Shift blog or you can also contact the Josh Pomerleau team and get started today.

Important Information For FHA And VA Short Sales


Shawn Polston here of and Keller William’s Southern Arizona in Tucson. Today I wanted to discuss FHA and VA short sales. In comparison to other “regular” short sales, these are very different. There are certain nuances to doing these short sales and because of this I wanted to give you a few tips and questions for when you’re looking around for someone to handle your short sale transaction if you have this type of loan. Because they’re government loans, they’re actually not called short sales.

With VA loans they are referred to as a compromise sale and with FHA loans they are known as pre-foreclosure sale program. One of the main things with a VA short sale is that they will give the borrower up to $1500 in relocation assistance, however they do not automatically do it. Your agent has to make the request, otherwise you will not receive it. The other thing about a VA short sale, you can never do another VA mortgage unless you reimburse them for the short sale. This doesn’t mean that you can never have another home loan, you just lose your VA eligibility until you pay them back for the home that you had to do a short sale on. If you have got a VA loan and you are considering a short sale, make sure whoever you’re working with is aware of these things.

For FHA loans, the course is quite similar. When you get accepted into their pre-foreclosure sale program, they give you an automatic $1000 if you finalize the short sale within the first 60 days and then $750 if you close it within 120 days. With FHA short sales there is no obligation to refund them to qualify for another FHA loan in the future. There are some other particulars to getting those short sales done, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew the major points of these two different types should you be considering a short sale with one of these loans. If you have any additional questions about FHA, VA, or traditional short sales, please get in touch with us.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Tucson Short Sale Negotiator blog or you can also contact the Shawn Polston team and get started today.

What Are Some Totally Different Ways To Qualify For A Short Sale?

short sale shift

Hi, I am Josh and this is Sarah and we run Minnesota’s top short sale group within the area and we are referred to as the Pomerleau Team at Keller Williams. A few years ago we made a promise to reach out to as many people as possible. We’ve made greater than 800 videos and are Kaplan instructors where we get to teach different realtors about short sales.

I needed to tell you a few new device we now have on our web site, It is a short sale decision calculator and you type in somewhat little bit of your information comparable to property info and mortgage balance. It should send you a free report telling you about your situation. How long is it going to take so that you can break even and how much cash would it’s essential to bring to closing if you were to promote the house without doing a short sale. It’s an ideal software and it gives you an excellent perspective in your situation.

At the moment we are going to discuss methods to qualify for a short sale. Once the mortgage is late, the financial institution becomes more motivated and plus it turns into their hardship. There’s a bad asset on the book and they should get it removed. The choice for the financial institution is to either foreclose, which costs them extra money, or complete a short sale. So, why are banks doing short sales a lot right now, well it is as a result of it’s costing them much less money. They are not doing it as a result of they love homeowners and are attempting to assist them. They’re doing it as a result of it costs them less money. We even have householders who make some huge cash and we get their short sale approved and closed. It is as a result of once it gets so late, the banks just want to get it off the books.

One of many greatest issues like we stated is missing a payment. When you miss a payment, your short sale possibilities go up significantly. Second, banks really like to see a negative cash flow. Take a look at all of your bills and it’s possible you’ll be surprised. Lastly, another technique to get a short sale accredited is when you have some kind of a hardship such as relocation, or job loss. Again, with a hardship, missed payment, and negative cash flow, and especially all three of these collectively can nearly guarantee your short sale will likely be approved. If you are missing a kind of issues we’d be happy to speak to you about what your choices are.

Once more, we are with the Pomerleau team, Minnesota’s number one short sale team and we’re right here to help. So when you’ve got any questions, please give us a call, e-mail us or fill out a contact form on the website. Thanks and have a fantastic day.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Short Sale Shift blog or you can also try out their Short Sale Calculator and get started today.

Why It’s Important To Know Who Owns Your Loan


Thanks for joining me I am Mike Rigley; I am a certified default advocate, distressed house expert and short sale expert in the Northern California area. Welcome to our video blog; as default advocates and short sale specialists we want homeowners to know all of their options. Whether you are late on your payments, potentially facing foreclosure or just owe more than what your home is worth, we are here to serve you even if you do not reside in the Northern California area.

Today we’re going to talk about who owns the mortgage and why it makes a difference. As you probably know, the bank you make your payments to seldom actually owns your note. When the lender actually does own the loan it is called a portfolio note because it’s held in the lender’s own investment portfolio. For the most part, your bank is more than likely acting as a servicer, meaning they made or bought the note and turned around and sold the debt to an investor. The lender is being paid to service the loan.

Why is it important to know who holds the note on your property? It’s important to know because, with all the good intentions of the federal government and their mortgage relief, it doesn’t help homeowners if their investors do not participate in the program.

Who are the investors? The two biggest investors are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are both supported by the federal government. Other investors could be mortgage-backed securities, union pension funds, or teacher’s funds. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold more than 60% of all property loans and foreclose faster than any investor. Getting an extension on a foreclosure with them is nearly impossible. There has been many times where we have obtained short sale approval on a property from them a few weeks before the foreclosure date and they still went ahead and foreclosed on the property. It costs them an average of 20% more to foreclose on a home than to do a short sale. If you’re considering a short sale, it is important to be aware of who your investor is.

If you hold a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan, want to do a short sale and have received a notice of foreclosure, you had better act quickly. To figure out who owns your note, go to, or call us. As certified default advocates and short sale experts in the Northern California area, it is important for you to be aware of and understand all of your options. For a free consultation, please contact us today. We can examine your situation and help you decide if a short sale is the right path for you.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, visit the Rigley Realty Group blog or you can also try out their short sale decision calculator and get started today.

Every Homeowners Guide For Short Sale

There are some things that we have no control but can greatly affect our lives. This impact can create drastic changes in how the way we live. Take for example situations wherein the homeowner is facing foreclosure. The reasons may be unavoidable such as the death in the family or loss of a job, that will hinder you to fulfill the monthly mortgage in your Irvine Ca homes payments. Dropping behind the expenses on the given time frame will likely foreclose the home that will lead to cycles,that is having the home foreclosed altogether. Having the home foreclose will put you in risk in your credit score. In this instance, the lender or the banck will be left with two options: having the house foreclosed or the lender will agree to short sale process.

Checking the status of your home and having an open communication will your lender will help you out in the whole process. In having the home undergone the short sale process, will be a better option for you to prevent total losses, even if the value of the home is provided to the client in a lesser value compared to the balance of the mortgage. You should examine the status of your loan or your debts to your lender. This way, you will know the alternatives just for you. In this step, it is important to have a professional team to help you out in this process. A short sale specialist will help you out with its consultations and advices for you to get the best option you deserved in Irvine short sale. With their help, they will be able to solve your issues, having a short sale will give out more positive that disadvantages on your part.

In this instance, it is best served with a short sale specialist for financially troubled homeowners. The goal of a short sale is to get an approval to the lender in price that is lower than the payoff of the mortgage. A short sales specialist will become handy in helping you out in the whole process. The short sale expert will serve as a spokeperson in the negotations with your lender for faster approval time. Visit the houses in irvine California website for more home value you deserve.

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